Marketing your product to its full potential can be quite a process. But with some creativity and hard work, your product will take flight in no time.

My goal is to make your vision look its best. That’s why I take my time getting to know my customer’s tastes. Afterall, marketing is all about supporting sales–and how could someone be confident to sell if the marketing does not show proper support?
And proper support means the seller feels confident that the product is marketed and packaged to the fullest.

Interested in making a website? The best place to start is on the Web! Find 3 sites that you love, and 3 that you hate. Be sure to note why you feel the way you do about each site.

Next, give me a call! We’ll discuss what you need, what I can do for you and how we go about doing it.

So What is a Redstart, Anyway?


The American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla) is a bird that has orange patches on its tail, wings and sides. Redstarts like to flash their tails, surprising insects into flight — and then into the beak.

Here at “The Perch” we understand that you only have a few seconds to gain the interest of perspective customers. Therefore, we make sure that you get your company’s message across with a quick and effective punch.

No matter if you mean to attract customers via the web, on paper or with signage — or all of the above — Redstart Graphics can provide your marketing solution.

Learn more about the American Redstart from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology…